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SEO service utilising custom built intelligent software, empowering SMEs like never before

Whether you’re running a small start-up or managing a multi-million pound business; our enterprise SEO solutions are unbeatable.


Regular technical audits compare your website against your competitors, benchmarking you in your industry. Matching ranking fluctuations to audit errors.


We use machine learning and our own algorithm to prioritise the tasks which will provide you the fastest return on investment.BETA


If you are unsure about how to action the recommendations then our team will complete the task, promptly and affordably.

Experience quality

Search engine optimisation has a poor reputation, no transparency and often a lack of results.

We are working with experienced software developers and experts in machine learning to help uncover the riddles of organic search and provide evidence of SEO success.


Perfect for SMEs, Designers, Developers & Agencies

We partner with hundreds of agencies around the world and allow them to add a more personal approach to our SEO solutions.

  • SMEs

    Utilise unrivalled data and expertise.

    Fix the SEO problems you know how and have the time to fix; assign the other tasks to our skilled developers from only £5 each. Keep track and move your budget to fit your businesses needs. Quantify improvements in your simple to understand dashboard.

  • Designers

    Designers can use our site builders to build out the box optimised websites affordably.

    Design partners can also resell our services white-labelled to existing client bases creating a new recurring revenue stream. With our purpose built software you are in control of your clients campaigns.

  • Developers

    Developers can utilise our software and experience to build optimised websites ready to be found online

    Not only will the website be optimised for organic search but it will also comply with search engine quality guidelines.

  • Agencies

    Unlock new services, win and retain more customers by offering a range of new services with quality at its core. Manage client expectations with out software which details campaign progress an when certain elements are going to be complete. Offer fluid SEO campaigns which utilise our open learning software, add extras on-top to make it your own.

The most affordable SEO service available

By utilising our own software and combining our knowledge with the experience of optimising over 500 websites we are confident you will not find a more affordable or effective SEO solution.

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Luke has a great approach and free thinking style to the challenges of SEO. Our internal SEO team found the session to be valuable and stimulating. A breath of fresh air which has given us much to think about. 5 stars – recommended.

Verified SEO Review
Scott Davidson
CEO - Vouchercloud

I own a body shop called love yr motor in bristol, Had my site optimized and social media linked as well as organic seo done with these guys, they were seriously fast and exceeded my exceptions all for a very fair price, couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough, GOOD JOB.

Verified SEO Review
Ben Taverner
Owner - Dent Repair

upUgo cover every angle of SEO from social media to onsite optimisation. Excellent communication and positive results. Highly recommended!

Verified SEO Review
Wesley Davidson
Director - Fox Davidson

Brilliant SEO company! They managed to rocket my small business up to the top of google for most of my relevant search terms in no time at all, and at an affordable cost! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their search engine ranking!

Verified SEO Review
Matt Comfort
Owner - Comfort Health
  • Recent SEO Updates

    You have no doubt seen related articles on the news about breached and hacked websites, getting a secure certificate (SSL) will prove to Google and other search engines that your website should be trusted.

    Source: Search Engine Land

    Website Speed – Google recently announced that website speed is being used a ranking signal, no wonder as for every second your site loads can lose you a potential visitor. Source: Webmaster BlogSocial & Brand Signals – Backlinks can be easily influenced by spam website and poor quality directories. It is harder to trick brand signals and social signs. How many times your brand is mentioned, how many likes and shares your site has is likely to be a strong SEO signal moving forward.backlinks

    SEO has generated negative press over the past few years with people choosing to either optimise websites compliantly or by trying to game the system.

    Often you will find websites ranking highly by using private blog networks, stuffing keywords into a website or just by simply buying an exact match domain. (EMD)Websites who have cheated the algorithm to rank will often experience a high amount of fluctuation in rankings and eventually will lose rank when Google or other search engines roll out a major update.Good marketing and focussing on user experience is the best way to optimise websites, factors from social media, valuable back links, quality content and site architecture are the most important aspects of SEO and will prove to be an investment in your company as a whole rather than focussing on short wins.

  • What is SEO?

    (Search engine optimisation)

    Search engine optimisation is editing or changing a website to make it more friendly for the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing this will ultimately achieve better ranks when people search online.

    Search engine optimisation can sometimes be referred to as SEO copyrighting, the main reason for this is because most of SEO is related to the text that a search engine has to deal with.

    • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

    • The main aim of SEO is to optimize a website for search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

    • Search engine optimisation is the art of designing and producing a website to rank in the best place in search engine results.

    • The results of successful SEO is increasing web traffic to a website from search engines.

    Search engine optimisation is marketing your company by understanding the algorithms that search engines have created to rank websites.

    In order for you to successfully optimise your website it is important to understand how search engines work and which are the most influential areas in SEO to get your website ranking the fastest

  • Important Focus in 2018

    Never optimise for a search engines, optimise your website for the user. Search engines are constantly updating the algorithm to make it favour users, recent updates over the years have favoured sites which have the following attributes:

    • - Mobile Friendly
      - Unique Content
      - Socially Connected
      - Well Reviewed
      - Regularly Updated

    • If you don’t have time to optimise your company or website then don’t panic, we offer affordable solutions from only £50+VAT per month, with no risk to your site or business.