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Optimised Content Understanding Search Intent

The writers we employ who specialise in writing blog articles are widely experienced in life, but they may not be a specialist in your field of business. As a consequence, while we will write blog posts for your website in the ‘first person’ tense, the aim to sound as though the posts have been written by you is purely because first person content gets better results as far as appealing to readers. The aim is not to solely promote your business and services but more engage readers with interesting and engaging text and content, with a gentle ‘call to action’ at the end to contact you. In writing some of the content in the first person, you may feel it is not as you would say it, unfortunately that cannot be helped. However if any erroneous comments are made, then please feel free to point this out and we can remove/amend that content.

The internet is awash with blog articles which are clearly not written by native English speakers, and Google’s new Panda algorithm will see that content penalised. Consequently the major points for the blog posts are that the English is good, that there are relevant hyperlinks, there is an image with hidden hypertext underneath it, and the call to action is mentioned. While blog posts are important for a website, partly for SEO purposes, partly to engage with potential customers, and traffic to your website may go to your blog page because they want to see how active and up-to-date your website, and therefore your business is.

Ask yourself whether you would be more inclined to use the services of someone who hadn’t posted a new blog post for 6 months, or someone who was posting between two and four a month on their website. Our optimised article writing service starts from £30+VAT per article per month, get in touch to find out more.


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