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Digital Marketing Manager

Your very own digital marketing manager, they can run all your digital marketing needs supported by LSGs software and expertise.

Do you need a marketing manager to expand your business? But don’t have the budget or time?

Do you want to centralise your marketing methods under one roof?

Our virtual marketing manager service allows small businesses the chance to compete by having a dedicated member of staff working either part time or full time from the Philippines. Your marketing manager is fluent in English and can work either 80 hours or 120 hours a month, starting at only £450+VAT.

With the inclusive support of our team in the UK, they can complete daily marketing tasks such as search engine optimisation, backlink acquisition, adwords management, social media broadcasting, content creation, email marketing, website design, graphic design and admin related tasks.

All hours are monitored and recorded using sophisticated software which tracks mouse & keyboard movements and takes a screenshot every two minutes, guaranteeing the quality of work.

We are Google and Godaddy partners so you will have quality work every step of the way. We also work with hundreds of businesses worldwide allowing them to utilise a global workforce to save money and generate results.

We will take care of the international payments, staff monitoring and work scheduling allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Contact us today with any questions and meet your new dedicated marketing manager now.

Services included with your marketing manager

  • Online Hours Tracking
  • Trained Developers
  • Direct Contact
  • Blog Articles
  • Live Reporting
  • Client Portal Access
  • Local Directory Submission
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Negative link removal
  • Actionable Insights
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Local
  • Premium Image Optimisation
  • Premium Speed Optimisation
  • Skype Catchups
  • Social Media Updates
  • Security Optimisation
  • Premium SEO Software
  • Backlink Acquisition
  • Basecamp 3.0 Access
  • UK Consultancy

Part time 80 Hours

£450+VAT / monthly

Full Time 120 Hours

£750+VAT / monthly