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SEO Guide 2

Having regularly updated and high quality content is a must for any website which wants to conquer search engine organic listings.

SEO Copywriting

This is the art of creating content which is both keyword rich and also readable to human users, this will allow the best of both worlds by creating content which is compelling which encourages interaction and people to share and also allows Google to read the content correctly.
So what is on-page and off-page optimisation of a website?
There are two main areas of SEO (search engine optimisation)
They are:
On-page optimisation:
These include providing unique and relevant content, placing high quality keywords on the website and correct places in each page title.
Off-page optimisation:
This area includes building links, increasing the popularity by adding your website to directories, search engines and social media websites.
Traditional Off-page SEO included: Link exchanges, which is now considered `black-hat`
The tactics used in SEO are separated into two different areas:
• The methods used which Google and Yahoo recommend are referred to as white has SEO, this is sticking to the rules with minimal chances of getting `hit` by an update.
Yet this method often takes longer to gain results, but the results will often stay.
• Methods used which search engines do not approve are classed as black-hat, this can gain faster results yet often these are short term. Search engines constantly battle this art.

White hat SEO

This is a tactic in which often includes:
– Conforming to SEO guidelines.
– There are no forms of deception used.
– This often means that the content a search engine crawls and ranks is the same material that a user will find.
– This will often show the search engines that the content created is for users and not just for search engines.
– The content will have to be good quality, this will often result in it being shared, liked and promoted via social media networks.
By following the above, results may take longer but in the long term it will be far more beneficial than trying to deceive the search engines.

Black Hat SEO

The following practices are often linked to black hat SEO:
– Trying to improve your ranking by deceiving the likes of Google and Yahoo
– Creating pages that are keyword rich which are specially built for search engines and then redirecting them to a human friendly website.
– Making users redirect to a page which is different from the one the search engine ranked.
– Cloaking: This is a SEO tactic which involves allowing spiders and Google bots access to one area of a webpage and restrict them access to another area of the site or page.
– Meta tag stuffing or key word stuffing is calculated when placement of keywords on a webpage or at a high percentage compared to the other text on the homepage.
– Creating doorways or gateway pages that are jammed with keywords and key phrases, they have very little other content and are low quality.
– Mirroring is when a site has stolen the same content, design as another site yet is sitting under a different URL (domain name) This is often used in phishing scams.
Never adopt any of the above techniques, this will eventually result in your website being penalised and potentially kicked off search engines all together.