SEO Consultancy

Having worked on over 1000 websites in a broad range of verticals we know how to grow your business online, linking all core marketing disciplines to work better for you.

Make your digital marketing work for you. At upUgo we have three lead consultants who specialise in digital marketing consultation. If you’re looking for someone to guide you, or your team, into taking your digital marketing efforts to the next level, we’d be happy to help.

Our digital marketing help is very bespoke. We always begin any consultancy project by understanding what specific goals marketing managers and companies want to achieve. We then tailor our consultancy to achieve these goals in line with resources, budgets and any other considerations that need to be considered. Through doing this, we can swiftly build infrastructure that allows people to learn whilst doing and deliver results-driven digital marketing strategies.

Working with over 1000 different companies around the world, we have seen the lot. From sex toys to CBD oil, we have helped scale businesses online, providing them with the knowledge and resources to increase their digital visibility.

Our unique software and relationships with our own broad client network mean that our digital marketing consultancies are often multi-faceted. Whether it’s brand growth; lead generation; increased sales; or automation, we can help you create solutions that work for your business. Even when we can’t do that directly, our networks and partnerships mean we’ll know who to put you in touch with.

Check out our three consultants below and book yourself in a time to talk on their Calendars.

Some of the brands

We have worked with international brands and small and medium sized businesses, assisting with mergers & acquisitions, due diligence, digital growth, penalty recovery and consultancy.

Meet the Consultants

With over 15 years combined experience in search marketing combined with friendly, non-jargon explanations and expertise. We are here to help.

Luke Sartain



Day rate: £1500+VAT

Luke Sartain has over 10 years of experience in marketing and sales and currently runs one of the UK’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies, upUgo. Within three years of starting upUgo, Luke created a million-pound business without investment whilst suffering from PTSD.

Luke has a revoltingly unhealthy obsession with search engine optimisation and automation. Having consulted multi-million pound companies on how to unify their internal processes and teams to work smarter online, he has a proven track record of success.

Luke specialities:

  • Analytics
    Multi-channel marketing
    Machine Learning
    Remote team management
    Growth hacking
    Advanced technical SEO

Andrew Harkness



Day rate: £1000+VAT

A relatively new kid on the block in the digital marketing world, Andrew has a creative but logical approach to digital marketing. From creating websites at 14, Andrew runs the Sales Team at upUgo and has a logical and commercially driven approach to his digital marketing consultancy.
Consulting a leading multi-million-pound TV shopping channel on how to digitalise, Andrew helped reduce overall spend across all marketing departments and channels whilst increasing revenue by 5% month on month.

Andrew also enjoys helping start ups scale themselves and directs smaller growing companies on how to create good marketing processes to achieve realistic goals. Andrew’s work in the growing CBD market has seen him help fourfivecbd achieve 15% net revenue growth solely from their organic strategies month on month.

Andrew likes:
• Building sustainable marketing strategies that deliver ROI
• Spotting and growing internal talents by providing resources and skill-ups
• Improving e-commerce strategies and generating sustainable revenue online
• Finding creative ways to make digital marketing work on restricted budgets or in restricted industries, specifically by crafting killer content

Andrew’s Specialities:
• Results-driven SEO
• Optimising PPC campaigns with aims to reduce spend and increase conversions
• Tailoring digital marketing strategies to achieve brand exposure and sales
• Helping clients make their websites work for them.

Jes Oliphant



Day rate: £750+VAT

With a funky name and an ever-optimistic personality, Jes has a track record of consulting large businesses to help enhance their digital marketing processes. Coming from a business economics background, Jes has a fantastic network of contacts he often utilises to help companies optimise and scale their own teams.

Jes works with established businesses to help innovate their marketing efforts whilst keeping a strong focus on analytics and data. He also actively invests into growing companies himself and knows how to craft creative, analytical digital marketing strategies.

Jes likes:

  • Working with established businesses to help them add a creative edge to their marketing strategies that delivers good return on investment
  • Finding ways to automate and optimise internal structures to boost marketing efforts
  • Linking his internal network to help connect growing companies
  • Working with growing companies to solidify their digital marketing channels and teams

Jes’ specialities:

  • Pragmatic SEO and PPC strategies
  • Creatively enhancing marketing departments
  • Providing resources and knowledge to help upskill marketers and heads of departments
  • Utilising data to help people understand their digital visibility and beat their competition